Junior Service Designer
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Budapest (Венгрия)


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Дизайн (UX, UI)

Описание вакансии

Vodafone Hungary’s Design Lab is the team that has the customers at its heart. The team’s goal is to ensure that our customers have the best experience when interacting with the company on any channel – our job is mainly focused on digital channels. To achieve this we do customer research, run workshops, explore customer journeys and help other teams in projects related to customer experience.

As a Junior Service Designer your job will be to support the successful completion of our diverse range of projects and take the reins in smaller ones. You will support the development and delivery of a user-centred service design approach to enable organisational change. You will be able to conduct customer researches by yourself, assessing their results with the help of senior colleagues, you can try your hand at planning and running service design workshops.

You will be involved in the following tasks

* Conducting qualitative and quantitative customer and UX research
* Crafting engaging result summaries and presentations
* Working to understand customer needs and generating meaningful insights
* Ideating concepts for new products and services that address true customer needs
* Developing workshops in specific topics
* (Co-)Facilitating workshops with support from senior service designers
* Prototyping and testing your work with customers and stakeholders
* Following up with the teams to ensure that changes are implemented promptly and with the customer in focus
* Working with UX/UI designers contributing to the improvement of user experience
* You will gain confidence within your specialism to provide solutions
* Independently delivering outputs with the support and direction of senior designers
* Beginning to take ownership of projects as you progress

We are looking for you if you have
* Degree in a field related to service design (eg. design, economics, psychology)
* Interest and knowledge in the processes and goal of service design
* Knowledge in different research methods
* Good time management skills
* Strong written and verbal communication skills, especially when explaining designs
* Fluent oral and written English
* Proactive, highly collaborative, has a „can do” attitude
* Knowledge of service design, its tools and processes
* Open-minded approach to problem-solving
* Being able to embrace uncertainty
* Effective and consistent collaborator
* Able to highlight dependencies and break down complicated tasks to tangible bits
* Ability to communicate complex ideas simply
* You can see the bigger picture and also be able to get into the detail when needed
* Excellent analytical skills, with the ability to think creatively and pragmatically and identify solutions
* High organizational skills
* Ability of managing parallel projects
* A challenger with a curious mindset to question established processes
* High degree of self-motivation
* Readiness to take responsibility  

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